The next EuNet MERYC Conference 2019 Musica, Impulse Centre for Music & IPEM Institute for Systematic Musicology, Ghent University


March 26th - 30th 2019

Membership of the EuNet MERYC network is conferred automatically by attending a EuNet MERYC conference

The European Network MERYC aims to:

Develop cooporation between music educators and researchers in Europe

Share information on the current state of the discipline in different countries

Create a forum for discussion and reflection on topics related to music education in early childhood

Transcend national, cultural and linguistic barriers between participants

These objectives will be achieved through regular European conferences and exchange of information among the participants in the form of Internet conferences or online discussions.

Statutes, Aims and Policies for EuNet MERYC

1. Statutes

The title of the network is MERYC. This serves as an abbreviation for "European Network for Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children". The Network is directed by a board of 5 members representing different language-groups and regions of Europe.

2. Aims

The overall aim of MERYC is to provide a network for people sharing interests about music education and research in relation to young children.

The network aims to:

3. Policy

The European Network for Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children (MERYC) supports and is connected to the Early Childhood Commission (ECME) of the International Society for Music Education (ISME).

To achieve our aims, we will:

The European Network MERYC