MERYC-EuNet Conference 2017

Creating Musical Spaces:

Origins, Cultures and Childhoods

Deborah Pullinger’s poem, inspired by MERYC17

Ex-tempore: some re-arranged notes from a music conference

Homerton College,

Cambridge University Faculty of Education,

Mary Allen Building, Hills Rd, Cambridge,

CB2 8PH, England

20th-24th June 2017

Thank You

For attending

“Post MERYC17 reflecting on our 'intra-actions'; on widening of the bounds of and reconfiguring early childhood practice; of being moved by and participating in the (social, mental and physical) intricacies and constructions of space and playful/artful 'practice architectures'; all of which were characterised in the 'playful/artful performance' of closing the MERYC17 conference. “ Professor Pamela Burnard

“…an enabling environment for individual growth and creative expression of early childhood music education, research and practice…”

Next EuNET MERYC Conference

Musica, Impulse Centre for Music & IPEM Institute for Systematic Musicology

Ghent University


March 26th - 20th 2019