European Forum for Collaboration and Mutual Information on Music Education and Research

EuNet MERYC was created in 2003 in Copenhagen.

If you are interested in music education for young children we invite you to attend a EuNet MERYC Conference and become a European colleague in the MERYC network. The network brings together a wide range of professionals involved in music education practice and research to share ideas and information.


Proceedings from MERYC conferences are available here

Mediterranean Forum for Early Childhood Music Education and Musical Childhoods International Conference

20-22nd April 2018

Nicosia, Cyprus

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The MERYC Board

European MERYC  members who lead and direct MERYC EU

“European work in the field of early childhood music education and its heritage of methods and approaches,  of particular philosophies and ideas, will not flourish without innovative early childhood music teachers and enthusiastic researchers. And this is not enough - we also need collaboration so that the rich cultural diversity across the many European countries can provide a source of endless inspiration for developing our pedagogical approaches and research.”


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Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children

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Young and Huhtinen-Hildén, from Introduction to the MERYC 2011 proceedings
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