Call for Papers
MERYC 2023

Submission Deadline November 30th 2022

11th MERYC Conference
4th  – 7th July, 2023 in Barcelona

The section of Music Didactics, from the Department of Teaching Musical, Artistic and Corporal Expression  in collaboration with the MERYC Conference invite researchers, educators and community members to present their work on music pedagogy aiming at young children (age 0-8). In the center of the conferences focus will be the topic: Making music as we grow up: Current practices in early childhood music education

We invite research on, but not limited to, the following topics:
Aesthetic perception and response, communication, composition, emotion in early childhood music, European music heritage, exploring music and sound, improvising, intercultural music education, musical behavior, music and education, music and health, music and language, music and memory, music and movement, music and creativity, music development, music in everyday life, music therapy, neuroscience, pedagogical theories, perception, pre-natal music development, singing, socio-cultural studies, teacher training, teaching/learning performance, technologies and music education.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be sent in via the corresponding online form that will be available on this website very soon.

We welcome
1. Spoken papers (empirical, theoretical or practical)

2. Posters

3. Symposia

4. Workshops and Demonstrations