Making music as we grow up:  Current practices in early childhood music education

Music is part of our lives even before we are born, or even before our mother is, as the famous sentence by Kódaly says. As we grow up different sorts of musical experiences accompany us: father singing us lullabies for getting asleep, family listening to music while traveling by car, rhythmic improvisation with fork and spoon on the table while waiting for breakfast, shared musical practices at school, just to mention some examples. All of these opportunities for participation are essential and meaningful in different ways. Having children as the focus of the activity, it aims to nurture them and to let them explore their musical being.

What do we know about this daily life and meaningful musical practices?

How can we connect the informal with the more formal approaches?

Researchers and practitioners who are interested in such questions within the field of music education for young children (aged 0-8) are warmly invited to submit their work for presentation.

Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!