The board members of the Eu MERYC

Helga Rut Guðmundsdóttir

Helga Rut Gudmundsdottir, Chair Iceland
Helga Rut Gudmundsdottir is a Professor of Music Education at the University of Iceland, School of Education. She teaches courses in early childhood music methods as well as music pedagogy for elementary and middle school. Helga conducts research in young children’s musical perception and development. Helga collaborated in the international research project AIRS (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing).
Helga has developed her own practice (Tonagull) in early childhood music in her home country Iceland. Tonagull is a research-based practice that gives courses, trains teachers and develops material for teaching music in early childhood. Helga has published her scholary work in several international music education journals, Studentlitteratur, Routledge and Oxford University Press.

Michel Hogenes

Michel Hogenes, Netherlands

Michel Hogenes is a lecturer of music education at the teacher education department and a researcher in the research group Youth and Development of The Hague University in The Netherlands. He also lectures pedagogy and psychology at Codarts, the Rotterdam School of Music.

Michel’s research interests are in the field of primary & early childhood education and music, with a focus on child development, and curriculum. The theoretical framework of his research is the cultural-historical (Vygotskian) approach. Besides lecturing Michel conducts a community choir and he is also president of Gehrels Music Education, a Dutch association for music education.


Veronika Kinsky, Austria

Veronika Kinsky is a senior lecturer and researcher at the department of Music Education Research, Music Didactics and Elemental Music Making (IMP) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She is coordinator of the department of Elementary Music Education (EMp) and teaches Elemental Music Making with children, adults and students, also didactics, improvisation and musical accompaniment of movement. Her main interests in research and teaching concern the connection between elemental and instrumental pedagogy and dramaturgical teaching methods in music lessons with a picture book. She also gives many further training courses on these topics at home and abroad. As a pianist and performer she occasionally takes part in music concerts for young audiences.


Rūta Girdzijauskienė, Lithuania

Rūta Girdzijauskienė is Professor of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and president of the Lithuanian Music Teachers' Association. She is a board member of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS), European Network for Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children (EuNET MERYC). For many years she was a secondary school music teacher and leader of a children’s choir. The list of her publications include 2 monographs, 10 teacher handbooks, more than 80 research studies and practice based articles. She is co-author of Lithuanian music education programmes and music textbooks. Her research interests lie in the fields of early childhood music education, musical creativity, vocal pedagogy and teacher education. 

Hans Van Regenmortel

Hans Van Regenmortel, Belgium
Hans Van Regenmortel is an artistic coordinator at Musica, Impulse Centre for Music in Belgium. For more than 25 years he has been a teacher of the violin and creative music making. He has been involved in diverse artistic projects in non-formal contexts as well as schools and teacher education. He regularly contributes to publications concerning music and art education.
As a teacher and performer he soon became aware of the inconsistencies in mainstream music education, which often result in confusing ideas about learning, notation, memory, artistry and talent. His main research focus is on the relevance of musicality as a phenomenon to development and education in general.
He is an advocate for using (collaborative) creativity as a core tool for developing integrated musical skills.


Zoe Greenhalgh, UK
Zoe Greenhalgh (FHEA, MA (Early Years Music), PDC, PGCE, BA(Hons), RGN)
Zoe has many years experience of working as an early childhood music specialist with children, their parents, carers and teachers in community and education settings.  She is an Associate Tutor in Early Years at Edge Hill University (Ormskirk, North West England) working predominantly with trainee teachers, as well as tutoring for the Certificate for Music Educators, Early Childhood (CME:EC), the British Kodály Academy and providing bespoke workshops for Early Years conferences, organisations and settings.  Zoe’s research interests are concerned with early childhood music provision, particularly the musical knowledge and expertise of practitioners and she is deeply committed to the notion of collaboration and communities of practice.  Zoe is also a viola player and performs regularly in Bolton Symphony Orchestra and chamber music ensembles.